About Loving Affections

Pierre was born in 1961 and is of professional teacher and has spent his whole life around dogs and puppies.

Hilde was born in 1966 and of professional care.

Seppe our son was born in 1994 and his first words was the name of our first Bobtail.

From 1985 to bobtails part of our family.

Then in 1990 we built our own house could withdraw handy we had already purchased our second bobtail in the Netherlands that our flagshipCh. Dibolt Dim Din of the Wobbling Sound and our reputation was on many shows at home and abroad.

Pierre at shows can be at work behind the scenes but there is a strong woman who is responsible for the care of our dogs, something Pierre can proudly display at shows.

Soon there were still several bobtails to strengthen our family occasionally breed a litter. Meanwhile, the name Loving Affections no longer a stranger in the world of the Old English Sheepdog or Bobtail also mentioned.

We sometimes bobtailpups for sale, and this more than 1 or 2 litters per year, and we stick with 1 litter per bitch.

All our bobtailpups be born in our home and cared for. Obviously, these puppies sold with a recognized pedigree of the Royal Society FCI en Sint Hubert (KMSH), written guarantee, microchipped, vaccinated, and DNA research with a European passport.

We have worldwide descendants of our dogs, including Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia, America, Austria and Israel.

We achieved our Multi Champion Dibolt Dim Din of the Wobbling Sound the following titles: International Champion, Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourg Champion and Club Winner British Sheepdog Club Belgium and many other first prizes at various shows at home and abroad.

Our import bitch  Ch. Emmerdale's True Love To Tintomara (Tina, import Sweden) was the forerunner of our type of bobtails.

The Russian sales to male Ch. Loving Affections Iggypop (owner Ivan Khaustov) obtained 9 months of age Russich the title of Junior Champion and thereafter he was 15 months Russich Champion. His promising   Loving Affections Izzystar sister is no more with us and has already brought very beautiful puppies in the world. The dam of these descendants, still in our family, is  Fellowship of Snowboot Bears.

Of course we have other bobtails had in our possession and they live on a place called "The Rainbow Bridge". In our hearts, in our memories together forever. This is dedicated to all Bobtails who have accompanied us for years. A special place for those who have left us, but we will never forget, just think:
Ricardo, Multi Ch. Dibolt Dim Din of the Wobbling Sound Forget Me Not of the Wobbling Sound (FemkeLoving Affections Teeny WeenyCh. Emmerdale's True Love To Tintomara (Tina), Loving Affections Ruby (15 years old thanks to Esther in Austria)Loving Affections You Believe (Weeny), Loving Affections All Perfect
Obviously, a Bobtail not only for shows, you can also simply keep as a pet or working dog, think of obedience competitions, sheep herding, flyball and agilityOur  Loving Affections Captain (owner Wuytack Annick) was fond of flyball and agility which he very well in the prices fell in these disciplines.

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